About Play and Learn


We will create a platform where ideas and experiences are shared across professional groups. Play and Learn can gather the knowledge and the many good ideas that exist throughout the country, and use these to create a new and exciting school day for students and teachers. By allowing users to influence the content of the app, we will always be able to create quality assured to support professional education.

We believe that, together with your users, we can improve children's well-being, learning and education at school. When our ideas can be shared and collected through an app, we know our users always will have easy and quick access to an educational form.

We believe that professional learning must be fun and exciting - therefore, Play and Learn!

Why buy Play and Learn

  • It´s easy to navigate and very manageable
  • Combines playing and learning
  • Begin an activity with a few clicks
  • The educator gets it all served
  • Play and Learn will motivate the students so they will be more excited about going to school
  • The students get social skills
  • Health conscious education
  • Increased learning ability

Promotion video

Watch the demonstration video on how Play and Learn works...


Christina Johansen

School principal

Listen to what Christina says about the app and why Play and Learn is a great tool for teachers, educators and the temporary staff...


Gert & Emil

Teacher & Substitute teacher

Gert and Emil are excited about the wide idea catalog that Play and Learn gives their users...


Nicklas Bach


Nicklas is a newly educated teacher. Hear why he recommends Play and Learn...